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• They're 3 females hailing out of Long Beach, CA, with the sounds of reggae, hip hop and R&B. And with the support and love that they get from their fans, these ladies push forward the positive vibes of music. Performing at various places locally and out of the city, they have built a solid fan base. Using their own creative moto of "you can find US between the mic (mUSic)" has set them to establish their own sounds and styles. So look forward to more from ViceVersaVersatile in the near future. Many projects are aligned ahead with a light that only seems to grow brighter.


Vice Versa:

• Loud, outspoken, individuals with a diverse atmosphere. That is the group definition of Vice & Versa. Whether it is reggae, rap, or pop music, VV is known to groove the nation’s heart. Representing Long Beach, California, these lovely, strong, and talented female artists independently make their own beats, write their own songs, and produce their own tracks from their home studio.